Graphics Now has closed. Now what?

Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons – COVID recession included – the 37-year commercial printer Graphics Now has permanently closed. This came as a shock to employees and customers alike.

So where do you go to get your printing project completed?

I’d first recommend calling Glenn Johnson at 864-729-8221. Glenn ran the Graphics Now Pre-Press Department since 2009 until they closed on Friday, November 14, 2020. Every print job that Graphics Now handled went through Glenn one way or another. If it was an offset print job, he’d preflight the art files, fix whatever needed fixing, output to the metal plate processor and move on to the next job. If it was a digital print job, Glenn ran the job himself one of the three digital presses in his department. Needless to say Glenn had a hand in virtually every job that went through that shop. So if you’re a former Graphics Now customer looking to get your printing done, calling Glenn would be a good start.